Section 144 In Shaheen Bagh – Will it apply to Muslim Protesters or only to Hindus who want public road to be cleared ?

Delhi police on Sunday made heavy deployment of security personnel in southeast Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh area, where several women have been leading a protest on the road against the new citizenship law for more than two months, officials said. 

The move comes hours ahead of a ‘peace march’ that was called by Shaheen Bagh protesters in view of the riots in Northeast Delhi. Section 144, which bars assembly of more than four people, was also imposed on Shaheen Bagh and its adjacent area, ANI reported. However, as protesters are blocking road, so it seems the Section 144 is not implemented on them and police only doing the showoff by imposing it on other community.

The police deployment took place after Hindu Sena, gave a call to clear the Shaheen Bagh road on March 1, who thinks it is representing sentiments of almost 25 lakh Hindu community people, who are going to work to Noida and are facing monetary losses as well as time wastage due to this illegal & un-constitutional protest.

However on Saturday, with the intervention of police, they called off their proposed protest against the anti-CAA agitation in Shaheen Bagh.

“The proposed protest call was cancelled with timely intervention. But as a precautionary measure, we have made heavy police deployment here,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) RP Meena said.

Twelve companies, including two of female forces, have been deployed in Shaheen Bagh, 100 men each from four police districts have also been deployed along with the local police, the official was quoted by PTI as saying.

The Hindu Sena said in a statement police pressured them to call off their protest on Sunday against the Shaheen Bagh agitation.

Shaheen Bagh, near Jamia Millia Islamia, has been a protest venue for a section of people opposed to the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens since December 15 last year.

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