Amulya had spent ~2 lakh on herself – A paid Anti CAA protestor

Leftist Amulya Leona reveals she is a paid protestor, tells police that anti-CAA protest organisers pay her expenses and prepare her speeches

Ultra Left-Wing activist Amulya Leona Noronha, who was arrested on the Charges of Sedition after raising slogans of Pakistan Zindabad in a rally of AIMIM Chief Assadudin Owaisi, has now revealed that she is a paid protestor. Leona has told the police that the Anti-CAA protest organisers have been carrying her expenses ever since the agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Act erupted in December last year.

Amulya is being questioned by the special police team of Karnataka police. She was sent to Fourteen-day judicial custody right after she was arrested. Police claimed that Rupees 2 lacs have been spent by Amulya on herself and other activists to participate and organize protests since the enactment of CAA in December.

Amulya told the police that the anti-CAA protest organisers booked her tickets and sponsored her tour, moreover, it was the organisers who used to prepare her speeches. Police stated, “She flew to Mangaluru to take part in protests there and her tickets were booked by the organizers. Similarly, different organizers sponsored her tour across the states. According to Amulya, she would spend the money and organizers would reimburse the amount. Amulya claims a major part of her speeches were prepared by organizers and that she would add a few lines. However, raising Pro-Pakistan slogans was her own idea.”

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