Top Heart Shaped Islands in the World

Love clearly is all around. You just have to know where to look, and sometimes it depends only on your point of view. Mother Nature is truly a romantic artist, as we can see in many of its wonderful creations. It has created many natural islands shaped like hearts you can visit all over the world. Uninhabited or not, in the middle of a lake or in the sea, amidst a tropical jungle, the mountains, or in a tropical paradise, there’s no doubt they are jewels on the planet. If you want to impress on a date or choose a stunning destination to spend your honeymoon, you’ll probably think beyond Paris, Rome or some place a little more exotic. But how about going to a unique and romantic place, like a heart-shaped island? So let’s get inspired by a compilation of the most amazing heart-shaped islands in the world.

1 – Galesnjak Island (Lovers’ Island) – Croatia

Heart-shaped Galesnjak Island

This private and uninhabited small island contains only wild plants and trees and untouched beaches of the azure-blue Adriatic Sea, making it a great spot for couples in love. The island has become a major tourist destination after its perfect heart-shape was discovered on Google Earth in 2009.

Heart-Shaped Galesnjak Island-Croatia on Google Maps

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2 – Heart Reef – Australia

Heart-shaped Reef Australia

Photo by: I Loves the ‘Diffi – Flickr.

Located in Great Barrier Reef off Whitsunday Islands, it is a stunning coral formation that has been naturally formed into the shape of a heart. It can only be appreciated from the air, due to its protected status. The reef is a popular icon amongst travelers and is the site of many flight proposals.

Heart Reef – Australia on Google Maps

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3 – Makepeace Island – Australia

Heart-shaped Makepeace Island

Photo by: Vladi Private Islands.

It is a private island, home to a luxurious retreat, on the Noosa River in Queensland. This heart-shaped island is nearby beaches, lakes and other wonders of Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Heart-Shaped Makepeace Island-Australia on Google Maps

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4 – Heart-shaped Island – South Korea

Heart-shaped Island - South Korea

Located in the West Sea, this natural heart-shaped island is uninhabited with a large beach along its eastern coast.

Heart-Shaped Island-South Korea on Google Maps

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5 – Blueberry Island – Canada

Heart-shaped Blueberry Island

Photo by: Vladi Private Islands.

Located in the Laurentian Mountains, just 45 minutes north of Montreal, this forested island has a lovely sandy beach and its only accommodation is a red cedar log cabin. The perfect heart-shaped island was put for sale, in November 2012.

Blueberry Island on Google Maps

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6 – Tavarua Island – Fiji Islands

Heart-shaped Tavarua Island

Photo by: Neil Farrin/JAI/Corbis.

Surrounded by a coral reef, this romantic heart-shaped island is nestled in the South Pacific Ocean. Located near Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, Tavarua Island is home to a luxurious all-inclusive resort.